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Mar 22nd
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Home Boxing Why do people act like there is only Top Rank and Golden Boy?
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Why do people act like there is only Top Rank and Golden Boy?

 bob-arum-top-rankWhy do people act like there is only Top Rank and Golden Boy?  SMS, TMT, Goossen, Gary Shaw, Star Boxing, Banner Promotions, Cohen, DiBella, K2, etc. may have something of an alliance, but few or any of them have network exclusivity, and they all have, or have had recent world champions.  They can go on any network, and fight on any card.  Here's hoping they get more champions soon, as it is they that will render the cold war obsolete.
Speaking of obsolete, the 3 judging system has got to go.  Why is it they can make changes in Olympic boxing that may seem drastic, but in professional boxing, where the monopolies are much less total, and the financial implications so much more severe.. it takes forever?  Back to 15 round fights, odd number distances of rounds, open scoring, 5-7 judges chosen on day of fight, instant replay, etc.  These are things that have been discussed for decades, but only done by dipping toes in and quickly retreating.
Speaking of retreating, I'd like to congratulate Canelo and Chavez Jr for not taking the path of least resistance.  If the Lara and GGG fights come off as expected, they will each be taking the highest risk, lowest reward money fights possible.  They are also promoted by two companies not known for this, either.  It is refreshing when a star fighter takes on the best.  Since De La Hoya, and Hopkins in his late 30's, we have not have nearly enough of this.
Speaking of Hopkins, he can retire after beating Stevenson, or wait around after that to face Mayweather.  He'd not be favored in either of those fights, but he's earned the right to do anything in the sport.. cherry pick opponents, take a year off, lose, fight boring, and he will remain a star.  A far as Kovalev, it would be nice to see that fight, but Kovalev is not married to HBO.  He is a Main Events fighter, and can go where he wants, and work with Golden Boy.  See earlier section.
Speaking of Golden Boy, congrats to them for continuing the re-established tradition of making the whole card interesting.  A few weeks in a row we will have this.  Top Rank would have made Khan, Broner, Porter, etc all have their own main events, while giving us eight-rounders to build up to it.  Between than and no English-speaking network for showcase fights, Bob Arum is guaranteeing his slide into obscurity.  He should just ask his old rival Don King.

Chris Strait

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