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Mar 22nd
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george-groves-vs-carl-frochVetyeka is a live underdog against Donaire, as far as momentum and weight division comfort are concerned, but it's hard to pick against Donaire.  The gap in opposition is so wide, but it's hard to pick against anyone who dominates Chris John.  However, a closer examination reveals that Vetyeka's weaknesses: left hand low, not following right hand with hook effectively, may play right into Donaire's hands.. eventually, Nonito should get to him.

Speaking of getting to him, Groves and Froch definitely get to each other verbally, as do Sam Soliman and Felix Sturm.  However, this does not always translate into exciting fights.  Sturm is more exciting than he appears at first glance, if given the right opponent.  However given Soliman's style, this is likely to be another long, drawn out decision, where Sturm's paid judges will get it right this time.  Froch and Groves are also talking a good game, but each now has reason to fear the other's power, which I am not sure they did going into the first bout.  This should also play for a less exciting bout than their first.  All I'm saying is the pre-fight trash talk does not always equal a brawl.. even if it is rare when Europeans match their American counterparts in press-conference antics.

Speaking of press conferences, I am glad they are receding from importance the way they were years ago.  It seemed as if not a big fight could go by without a big blow-out at a press conference.  Whether verbal or physical, it would seem that a sport based on confrontation wouldn't need this overkill.  And if the numbers lately are to be believed, it is better without them.  If only we can get weigh-ins to be less important again.  Maybe holding them on the day of the fight would do the trick.

Speaking of the numbers, I am actually glad Canelo is taking the PPV route.  It seemed primadonna-ish at firts, but normally the sport can only have one or two PPV guys at once.  This was making the 1% vs 99% problem in boxing even worse than it already is.  However, Canelo is making his own name as a PPV attraction, and is doing it the right way.  Not using his name like JC Chavez Jr., or being hidden on foreign cards.  he is fighting the high-risk, low-reward fighters that make a fan out of everyone.  Lara and Trout could have been avoided... but Canelo knows, if he wishes to reach that De La Hoya level of dollars, they cannot be avoided.  Bravo to him.

Speaking of things that cannot be avoided, a non-Latino US star has to be made, and pretty soon.  It is not Broner... that shtick is old to fans, and mainstream media alike.  It could be the Charlo twins, or if Arreola was better, it might have been him.  The USA is always going to be a player, but when someone reaches the top just from being good, that fame is a better fit for everyone.Speaking of the USA scene, is it me, or is everyone training in So Cal, and fighting in NY?  Cotto, Martinez, GGG, Malignaggi, Quillin, etc.  It seems to be quite the trend lately.

Chris Strait

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