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Mar 22nd
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Home MMA Hector Urbina Interview: TUF 19 The Ultimate Fighter
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Hector Urbina Interview: TUF 19 The Ultimate Fighter

hector-urbina-ultimate-fighterIn its heyday, Monterrey was considered the "Detroit" of Mexico: it was booming with all kinds of industries, including car manufacturing.  The massive Mexican city became a hotbed for all kinds of sports and held immense wealth in its coffers.  Unfortunately, just like Detroit, Monterrey began to lose ground and many of the families in that area looked to migrate north to the United States.

Hector Urbina, a participant in the current season of UFC's Ultimate Fighter reality show broadcast on the Fox Sports 1 network, was born in Monterrey.  The Urbinas soon made their way to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas prior to heading out to Ohio.  It was in this Midwest state that Urbina began the journey that would ultimately define his professional life.  "I wrestled some in Ohio and MMA was the next best thing after my academic wrestling career was over," Urbina said from his temporary base of Mercedes, Texas.  "I was told that I could add punches [fighting in MMA], so I thought it was a sweet deal since you don't get in trouble for hitting people."

Soon after the revelation that he could utilize his love for wrestling and hitting people to make a living, Urbina embarked on his career as a cage fighter.  Regrettably, the South Texas product learned that making a living in the sport was a lot harder than he initially realized.  Feeling exasperated with his situation, Urbina took a break.  Like all other ironies in life, midway through his hiatus from the grind, the Mexican-American received the call that could possibly change his entire outlook.  Urbina evoked, "I wasn't getting any fights as I'd only fought once last year.  I took a little 'me' time and went to Myrtle Beach [South Carolina], Ohio and Indiana, and of course, this is when the call [to be a participant on the Ultimate Fighter televised series] came.  I went to the tryouts and I was picked as a second alternate so my chances were slim but I still cut some more weight."  Urbina continued, "I got the call on the Monday that the weigh in was on a Tuesday, so I boarded a plane to [Las] Vegas weighing 200 pounds and got off the plan at 193 [pounds].  I was in the sauna when some guy passed out and I saw my ticket in; I was on weight and I got to fight the next day and I made it into the Ultimate Fighter house."
Urbina added, "It was a dream come true to get into the house and I thank God every day because of it. I felt so lucky and was ready to make it to the top."

Although the fights are intense and both teams appear to be a combustion waiting to happen, one still is reminded that it is a fight-based reality series. Television crews and producers have a way of conjuring imagery to provoke audience response and up ratings.  The public has seen an abundance of recent reality-based shows that have been exposed to be less reality and more scripted than originally advertised.  In this case, Urbina reported that there is no such trickery involved.  He explained, "It is the UFC and it is as real as it gets.  Everything you see is what really happened.  Living in the house, I mean, everyone saw me and obviously everyone saw me fight [Cathal Pendred] and get at each other like crazy and I don't even have a problem with [Pendred].  Everyone understands that for those 15 to 25 minutes, you're my enemy.  Nothing was scripted at all, man.  Everything was real."

Unluckily for the Mexican-American, Pendred went on to win via decision.  The defeat sent Urbina packing with his immediate future unclear.  The Texan has pondered his time on the show and understood that things could have been very different if not for a miscalculation.  Urbina clarified, "I shouldn't have taken those trips to Myrtle Beach to hang out and get fat, man.  I should have not let the frustration get to me and just been in training.  It would have been nice to have some abs; I ate too many tacos," Urbina said while laughing.  "Still, I gave it all I had and I'm proud of what I've accomplished."In closing, Urbina stated, "I'm going to be back stronger and the next guy I hit won't be getting up.  This has really changed me for the better.  I'm now just waiting for my next fight and I'm letting my management take care of that.  We're going to talk to Dana [White] and decide what's the next step for my career.

Sergio L. Martinez 

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Anonymous  - Texas Proud |
Guy is tough and no bullshit. Good luck
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