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Mar 22nd
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Home MMA Bellator 119 RESULTS
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Bellator 119 RESULTS

 bellator-119-mmaThe Casino Rama in Canada was abuzz as Bellator 119 took center stage.  The main event of the night was the Featherweight Tournament Final with three more bouts televised on the chief card via Spike Television network.

The main televised bouts kicked off with heavyweights as undefeated Raphael Butler (8-0) took on Nick Rossborough (23-18) in a fight schedule for three rounds.  Both men are considered finishers and things got heated quickly: Butler and Rossborough came out swinging and ended up on the ground.  Butler had some ground-and-pound success but let Rossborough come to his feet.  This would be a mistake as Butler was hurt with a hook that sent him to the mat.  Rossborough was looking for the rear naked choke but Butler illegally butted Rossborough, causing which a halt to the action.  Even though the foul occurred while Bulter was on his back, the referee recommenced the fight with both combatants on their feet.  Rossborough hurt Butler again with a left hook but the round ended.  The second left Butler controlling the contest on the cage floor, executing some ground-and-pound mixed in with failed submission attempts.  The final heat saw Rossborough looking exhausted and hitting the canvas quick.  Butler was able to take control with a side mount and landed shots sporadically.  Butler lackadaisically searched for submissions.  It was an uneventful round but one that was most likely won by Butler.  The cards resulted in a majority draw: Butler remains undefeated but it was a disappointing performance.     

Welterweights Marius Zaromskis (19-8) from Lithuania and Canadian Vaughn Anderson (16-2-1) continued the night in a three round tilt.  Both contestants came out looking to keep the bout upright.  The Lithuanian's boxing kept Anderson at bay and Zaromskis circled and shot punching from a distance.  The Canadian landed a headshot that hurt Zaromskis; the Lithuanian was able to dance away from trouble.  Anderson was sent to the mat by a hard body punch but was able to guard against a ground-and-pound attack.  The striking battle continued in the second with both men having their moments.  Zaromskis was the shaper of the two.  There was a stop in the action after the Canadian was hit low accidentally.     The Lithuanian began to crank up low kicks that found their mark.  Anderson tried to find his range but the kickboxing of Zaromskis clearly took control of the match.  Anderson appeared to be in pain and fading as the round came to a close.  The third was a complete round for Zaromskis as his superior striking told the tale, earning the Lithuanian his 20th MMA win via unanimous decision.       

The third televised match pitted Canadian veteran John Alessio (34-17) against American Eric Wisely (22-8).  The fight was at a catch weight of 160 pounds.  The American established his game plan: lateral movement and looking to strike from a distance.  Alessio managed the takedown early and was looking to establish a full mount.  Wisely was cut over the left eye had trouble keeping the aggressive Alessio from imposing his strength.  The Canadian was efficient with his ground-and-pound technique as he landed punches and elbows to the face and body of Wisely.  The American focused on a tight guard but Alessio’s power was too much.  Wisely commenced the second by looking to keep the contest vertical and land leg strikes, hoping to slow down the advancing Alessio.  The American moved constantly, focusing on distance and timing.  Clearly the naturally larger man, Alessio kept advancing on Wisely, searching for striking range.  The American continually switched his guard and occasionally landed a leg kick, while his Canadian counterpart stalked without much success.  Alessio shot out in the final heat and quickly bullied Wisely towards the cage, eventually succeeding with a takedown.   The Canadian established the half guard and went back to a short game of elbow and shoulder strikes.  There was little excitement as Alessio was measured but effective on the floor.  Wisely kept a close guard and did not allow the Canadian much room to mount a serious attack.  The judges awarded Alessio a unanimous decision after a workman-like performance.            

The spotlights were at a crescendo the time Daniel Weichel (33-8) and Desmond Green (11-2) entered the Bellator cage for their tournament final combat.  American Green came out measuring German Weichel, using his left jab to keep the German guessing.  Weichel was quick and stabilized his standup game by landing a few leg kicks and a straight right hand.  Green shot in for the takedown but the German defended well.  Green fired his own punches but was countered well by Weichel via hard right hand shots.  Green again attempted a takedown but the German was able to keep himself upright.   Weichel’s counters told the story in the first round.  Green managed to get the takedown with less than a minute but Weichel quickly came back to his feet.  The American wrapped Weichel up against the cage and landed knee strikes to the back of the legs.    

Strangely, Green continued hid attempt at a boxing match in the second but it cost him as Weichel landed a counter right that deposited Green to the cage floor.  The German attacked and attempted a dominant position on the ground but Green’s wrestling showed as he defended well.  Green came to his feet but was soon back on the canvas after Weichel landed more shots.  This time, the German was able to sneak his right arm under the guard of the American and secured the submission via rear naked choke.  With the win, Weichel earned a title shot in the title-laden featherweight division.   

Sergio L. Martinez

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